Wheelmen run III

Wheelmen run III 06
Wheelmen run III 08
Wheelmen run III 09
Wheelmen run III 04
Wheelmen run III 02
Wheelmen run III 01
Wheelmen run III 18
Wheelmen run III 17
Wheelmen run III 16
Wheelmen run III 13
Wheelmen run III 12
Wheelmen run III 11
Wheelmen run III 10
Wheelmen run III 27
Wheelmen run III 24
Wheelmen run III 23
Wheelmen run III 21
Wheelmen run III 20
Wheelmen run III 36
Wheelmen run III 35
Wheelmen run III 33
Wheelmen run III 32
Wheelmen run III 37
Wheelmen run III 38
Wheelmen run III 39
Wheelmen run III 40
Wheelmen run III 43

Wheelmen run III 44

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New daily

Since a month I am driving around in my new company car. After having many cars in dark colors before, I decided to go for Estoril blue this time.

BMW F31 320dA Touring M Sport 002

It’s a 320dA Touring in M Sport trim; sufficient power and great fuel consumption. After having driven over 8.000 km, I averaged 5,4 liter/100km. The 8speed gearbox is sublime and the interior with alcantara sportseats feels great. I love all the options inĀ iDrive as well. The big screen has nice graphics and is fast enough (could be faster has to be said). But inside I like the M Sport details the most; the blue stripe over the dash, the small 3 spoke M steering wheel, the seats, M footrest and the black rooftrim set it apart.

With the standard 18 inch wheels and M Sport suspension the ride is wonderful. A great compromise between hard and comfort. Not rock hard like some competitors, just sporty as it should be. If I have to think about any weak point, it must be the steering. The feel is still quite ok, but could be better at the straight ahead position. I definitely believe the older hydraulic racks have more feel and give more natural feedback.

Everything else is as expected. High marks on most points and excellent ones on the rest. You simple can’t go wrong with the new 3-series!

BMW F31 320dA Touring M Sport 003

The biggest surprise however is how much I like the color. Never thought I would choose this one, but it’s simply wonderful in my opinion. The high gloss black trim makes it stand out even more. And the front with xenon lights gives it a very aggressive look; just what we like at Wheelmen…

BMW F31 320dA Touring M Sport 004


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Wheelmen run II

Sometimes it’s not so hard. Just take a few cars, meet with some friends and start driving towards a beautiful area in Europe.

Last year was the first time and this year we went with double capacity to the same region, only now through the black forest in Germany. The recipe? Our favorite cars, good friends, nice roads and some food and drinks along the way. And now it’s tradition, so next year we will be back!

Wheelmen run II - set 2 - 1

Wheelmen run II 02

Wheelmen run II 03

Wheelmen run II 04

Wheelmen run II 05

Wheelmen run II 06

Wheelmen run II 07

Wheelmen run II 08

Wheelmen run II - set 2 - 2

Wheelmen run II 09

Wheelmen run II 10

Wheelmen run II 11

Wheelmen run II 12

Wheelmen run II 13

Wheelmen run II 14

Wheelmen run II - set 2 - 15

Wheelmen run II - set 2 - 16

Wheelmen run II 17

Wheelmen run II - set 2 - 18

Wheelmen run II 19

Wheelmen run II 20

Wheelmen run II 21

Wheelmen run II 22

Wheelmen run II 23

Wheelmen run II 24

Wheelmen run II 25

Wheelmen run II 26

Wheelmen run II 27

Wheelmen run II 28

Wheelmen run II 29

Wheelmen run II 30

Wheelmen run II - set 2 - 6

Wheelmen run II - set 2 - 31

Wheelmen run II 32

Wheelmen run II - set 2 - 33

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Side by side…

BMW E30 M3 side by side 1

BMW E30 M3 side by side 2

BMW E30 M3 side by side 3

BMW E30 M3 side by side 4

BMW E30 side by side 1

BMW E30 side by side 2

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Alpina C1 and B7 – Out for the summer

Just a picture of the 2 Alpina’s together. This year I plan to drive them even more than before. Let’s hope for some good, sunny days!
And one update in mind for the B7: black strips around the windshield and rear window. Parts are already on the shelve…

Alpina B7 and C1

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M3 on the cover!

Our E30 M3 has been used for a covershoot for the dutch version of “Octane”. Great cover photo, and the others are not too shabby either…

Octane cover BMW E30 M3

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BMW E46 GTR racecar build

We’re in the process of building a ground-up racecar based on an E46 sedan.

Some pics of the progress in weight-saving:


We start out with a good condition 4-door shell and remove… well… everything, including the roof panel. For two reasons, weight saving by using a carbon skin and to be able to weld the top of the rollcage from the outside.


^ Drilling out all the spotwelds in a time-consuming and precise business.


4130 ChroMoly cage welded


Engine will grant at least 450hp. Very light and strong Enkei wheels with dual valves in 10×18 all around.


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