Throw out the anchor!

At Wheelmen, we like to keep our wheels small and the brakes big. Here are some examples, E30 and E34 (Wilwood Superlite and Porsche Brembo).

BMW E30 with Wilwood brakes on 15 inch
Wilwood brakes BMW E30 with 15 inch wheels

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3 Responses to Throw out the anchor!

  1. Craig Reeves says:

    Greetings from the UK!

    I have been melting my brain on which brake setup to use on my charged E34 525 M50 and after seeing the name ‘Porsche’ come into the picture it seems like that could be the end result…

    I was originally going to go for the 4pot ///M calipers from the 850CSi, as you can imagine this is now second to fitting 6pot Porsche items but struggling to get a definitive answer on which ones will work with what discs (rotors)… Could you shed some light on this? Cayenne S ones seem to pop up more than the others but would like some experienced advice! Something similar to what you have under the ACS wheels for example.

    Love your collection BTW 🙂


    • wheelmen says:

      Hi Craig,
      Thanks for your comments. I will ask my fellow Wheelman about this. We’ve been busy for some time, so not much action lately…
      Have a good Xmas!

    • wheelmen says:

      The best way is to go with the E31 brembo’s or 996 Turbo brembo’s. The 6-pot setup is almost three times more expensive and the only wheel that fits is shown ACS (I’ve tried many) . For street use ,non-floating rotors such as the E32 750iS ones (324mm) are fine with said brembo’s. For track, get non-dustseal AP’s 6 or Mov’it 6. Use AP or Alcon floating 345’s (hat must be custom made). Even better, make a custom strut with seperate shocks like E46’s and move the caliper to the 3o’clock position rather than the 9 o’clock std spot.

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