BMW E38 L7 Individual

The BMW L7. Largest car ever produced by BMW. We were very glad to find this first-owner car, in amazing original condition. The V12 is smooth just like the day it left the factory, and the undercarriage shows that this car hasn’t slept under the night sky. The car features Individual options such as twin phones, refrigerator, hydraulic bootlid, all-nappa leather dash and doorcards, fold-out tables, extra vanity mirrors, ambient lights etc. A tell-tale sign of this car being completely hand-assembled at BMW Individual is  the under-bonnet paint, normal E38’s have flat paint where the hand-painted L7 has lacquer.

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3 Responses to BMW E38 L7 Individual

  1. Derek says:

    Is deze wagen nog te koop ? Km stand ?
    In welke stad of dorp kan ik u vinden ?
    Website ?,

  2. yigalev94 says:

    Too beautiful

  3. LaVerne says:

    I love this car!!

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