First Blood -picture update- BMW E34 M5

There’s a point in any multi-car owners life where you simply want to go back to a single vehicle. The mystical bond between man and machine, as seen in motion pictures such as Vanishing Point and Christine. One man, one car. For me, it would be this car, my first M. I’ve never put so much work into getting a car just right, and due to subtle changes that I prefer over OEM, I’m very pleased with it now. Original is good, but sometimes, even the best can be improved, or better said, tailor-made to the owners desire. Which is what BMW Motorsport used to be all about. This is my BMW E34 M5. This is my car.

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4 Responses to First Blood -picture update- BMW E34 M5

  1. Logan Turner says:

    Beautiful M5! What shifter is that? It’s a strange shape! How do you like it? Thinking of upgrading the shifter in my own M5.


  2. Rustam says:

    Very beautiful car. Please tell me, what is the size of those rims?

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