Greatest Hits Vol. 3, E30 325i

This particular E30 325i in Cirrus blue with dark navy leather is one of my favourites. Its a 1987 second-owner car that has done about 155,000 km. The car was delivered originally by BMW-dealer Mikus in Aachen, the same that also sold my M5 in 1991. The VFL E30 models have chrome bumpers, and the sleek rear lights. We’ve always reckoned the VFL or MK1 to be the best looking, often at BMW their first go at a design is also the best. Attempts to make a car look more ‘modern’ later on in its lifecycle are often regarded as less beautiful in retrospect (except for the E65 facelift).

BMW E30 325i cirrus blau

We bought this car without having driven it, and it was in need of some cosmetic work, the bonnet has been painted and the rear bootlid was scratched, luckily we found a pristine one in the same color. After that, and a thorough check of the car (it had hardly moved for years) I drove it for the first time, and was quite happy it had the tell-tale sign of an M20B25 in good health; torque down low!

BMW E30 325i VFL

The car has the 15 inch BBS Alloys and BMW M-suspension. Further factory options include BMW Soundsystem, sunroof, airconditioning, power steering and locks, and of course the Navy Blue sport seats.  This 1987 model will become road-tax free soon, so we look forward to using this car.

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