BMW E30 Alpina racecar at Spa-Francorchamps

We love Spa the most out of all tracks we attend. Not only is the surface smooth, there’s some amazing G-forces to be pulled even in an E30. Our car has been upgraded with a weld-in Formula-D rollcage, racing seats and belts , quick-release steering wheel hub, coilovers all around (including the rear axle, modification to full McPherson strut instead of floater) and Wilwood Superlite brakes. The car is M-technik I, standard off-factory. Engine is the well-known Alpina M20.

We appear to have the pitbox used by Jaime Alguersuari during the F1 GP some weeks earlier. It was a rainy day, so we went for full-wet slicks all day. Bragging is not our style, but let’s say we were pretty happy with what that little 26 year old car could do between the glasfibre house-wide E46’s and E36’s with 3.2’s etc. As King Leonidas said about mighty Xerxes army, “In the small funnel of the Hot Gates, their numbers count for nothing” … as can be said about 300+ hp in the rain!

The car is in active trackday-duty for 5 years in a row, and never skips a beat. Hood and frontwings are glassfibre, custom made by Erwin van Herel. Dutch Driftking Paul Vlasblom’s shop (Vlasblom Porsche Tuning) did the rollcage.

Powerflex bushings for the carrier arms, H&R swaybars /anti-rollbars front and rear, and E36 short steering rack.

Adjustable top-mounts without the easily-bent slide action.

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