E28 Alpina B7 Turbo, E30 M3, E30 325i M-technik II

To indicate the difference between the legendary BMW E30 M3 and the less-known E30 325i M-technik II, we made some wallpaper-size pics. The Alpina E28 B7 just happened to be in the shot. The M-technik versions are becoming more and more rare, opposed to the E30 M3 they have hit rock bottom value-wise about ten years ago. The E30 M3 never dropped completely in value, where 325i’s were to be had for 2000DM or 2300 dollar. Sadly, this inspired the wrong crowd to buy them and subsequently, not many survived what we call the ‘idiot period’, where the car gets ‘upgrades’ such as Angel Eye lights, big stereos and other inferior horrors. So we were quite happy to find an original, non-ruined, non-welded BMW E30 325i M-technik II, with cloth interior in perfect shape and 108.000 km.

Luckily, both cars came in Diamantschwarz, one of the limited M-technik colors. One can clearly see in comparison that BMW tried to copy the M3 look onto the 325i, much different from the E30 325i M-technik I, which was more of a style copy of the M535i, sporting the three embossed lines in skirts and bumpers. Also, the M-tech II received the aerodynamic molds on the doors that the E30 M-technik I predecessor lacks. In our heart, we agree at Wheelmen that the M-technik I holds our preference, but an M-technik II in this condition was way too tempting not to bag!

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4 Responses to E28 Alpina B7 Turbo, E30 M3, E30 325i M-technik II

  1. great-looking car. four-door, too!

    • wheelmen says:

      Thanks! They are becoming rare even in Germany. Our heart lies with 2-dr VFL or Mk1 E30’s, but every once in a while cars are found too good to not-buy!

      • i understand from speaking with hendrik that this car is no longer available, but if in case the current owner has a change of heart, please let me know! i am beyond interested.

      • wheelmen says:

        sure thing, I know the new owner well. We tend to sell all MkII ‘s if the right buyer comes along, keeping most MkI ‘s in the collection. I have to say, don’t expect this one for sale again soon, sorry.

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