Alpina E30 C2 2.7 & Alpina E30 B6 2.8

It’s not often that you see two of these rare Alpina’s together. One with the highest output M20 and the other one with a similarly powered M30. Different characters, different sounds, but equally lovely. This is not the best picture , but we’ll take care of that soon.

Some people question the need for the B6 2.8, with the M20 2.7 and the M30 3.5 in Alpina’s line-up already. However, one kilometre in this car and it has earned its right. Not far off on power with said M20 ‘small six’, the car appears completely different in power delivery. Some Like It Hot, with the high-rev M20 whereas others prefer the low-grunt of the M30 big-six. And us? We prefer… both!

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