BMW E30 325iX, a suitable vehicle for Dutch winters

Even in our moderate climate, things can get pretty cold. We’re used to nothing of course, but today was rightful chilly. I was quite happy that we once bought an E30 325iX in Germany, with our love of MK1/VFL’s we were not quite sure what to do with it. It had an amazing 83.000 km on the clock and was pristine, so we couldn’t refuse it. It sat with us for a year, before we put it on Dutch plates and these days its my daily car, up to 88.888km today. Seat heating and 4×4 are quite handy even in The Netherlands.

The iX technology was quite state-of-the art for the 80s but still holds its own today. The car is not much less fuel efficient as a normal 325i, and seems to have better straight-line roadholding capacity, especially on higher speeds. Much of the technology gained from the iX was actually used in the BMW X5’s.

A lot of small differences arise between a normal E30 chassis and the iX, even the suspension turrets are different, being larger and on different rake. So are the wheels, iX  tends to have a higher offset or ET than normal E30’s

Today I reached a fair 1:11,5 on the motorway, which is only half a litre off a 325i’s fuel economy.

Considering the automatic gearbox, 4×4 system and 1980’s aerodynamics, I was quite pleased with it. Keeping at max 120 kph, mixed driving in traffic jam I was surprised. Quite a good daily! Shame it took us one year to find out…

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