BMW E32 750iL 5.0 V12

At Wheelmen, we are always fond of BMW 7-series. The particular car shown here is a 1988 750iL, that took several Wheelmen all across Europe. Being relatively low on spec, the car still has automatic climate control, cruise control, leather-clad dashboard and center console, and seperate rear seat adjustment.

Upon introduction mid-80’s, the car embodied a whole new line for BMW. Body strength was upped greatly, and things such as single-action replacement lightbulbs were first on the E32. Also, the mighty V12 M70, an engine that was top-of-the-line and became only rivalled by Mercedes’ V12.

The E32 also was the first to get the shock-proof bumper system with dampers that could ‘save’ the bumper on very low-speed impacts. It also meant that BMW’s would never be very lightweight anymore, with the subsequent E34 and E36 being a lot heavier than their predecessors. The car grew up, so to speak. Things as cabin noise were reduced greatly, and road-holding capacities as well. All in all, the V12 750iL wasn’t super-heavy, but compared to E23’s and E28’s, it was pretty clear to see that BMW had surely picked a lane in the luxury versus performance question. However, increased body rigidity made cars like the E34 corner better than the E28.

Of course, fuel consumption is better not spoken of. As hard as one tries, it’s virtually impossible to reach 10 km’s per litre. One of us once took the car on a day trip with his grandmother, who asked if it was equipped with a 6- or an 8-cylinder engine. “No grandma, its a V12″. In which she replied ” Well, that’s rich, isn’t it”.

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