BMW goes wild again

At Wheelmen we all love “old school” BMW’s. So it doesn’t matter with what kind of cars BMW will come up in the future, the past has given us plenty to enjoy from for a long time to come. And then I am particularly talking about E28’s, E30’s and E34’s.

From the latest generations, I am still not completely convinced about the styling. I like most of them, but key is that they are all wonderfully engineered cars and don’t follow the competition. It’s just a shame that due to all the green, environmental politics, all engines will suffer from downsizing and get turbo charging. There is still nothing better than a NA engine. Both from sound point of view and throttle response. I understand why they do it, but that doesn’t mean we have to agree with it!

On the other hand, BMW is currently coming up with some pretty exciting stuff. It might be marketing crap and a little too much M badging, but it looks cool and brings more individualism to the cars. Latest sample is the M135i concept. Great details like the M stripes on the sides and back, new front/rear bumper, ferric grey mirrors, performance brakes, Michelin pilot super sports wrapped M wheels and dark chrome tailpipes. Me like.

This car is the latest version of the M Performance automobiles. But there are also other possibilities to get similar stripes, M Performance / M Sport bumpers and skirts, brake upgrades and even exhaust modifications to gain more power. Then you have to look at BMW Performance parts and M Performance. This is all very good in my opinion. You might get lost in all the accessories and the crazy naming conventions, but this makes it more fun to spec your car. Just the way you like it (at quite an expense of course). It might be too expressive for some, but what is wrong with a little personalization?

In the 80’s, this was possible as well. You could enhance your E30 with several sets of striping, M technic bumper/skirt/spoiler set, Aerodynamica spoilers, sport seats, M technic steering wheels, M technic suspension AND a LSD. We have seen samples of standard E30’s, without sport seats, sunroof, no sport suspension, but with a LSD! That is currently missing in the BMW line up. When you used to be able to tick this box on every BMW, now it is simply not available. The only possibility is to look elsewhere and go after-market (Drexler, Quaife for example).

So what is my point? Even though I prefer the old cars above the new ones, BMW is trying their best to make their latest cars more exciting again. And that can’t be a bad thing. And oh yeah, I just like the striping!

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4 Responses to BMW goes wild again

  1. Melvin says:

    HI! Where can I buy those stripes? I have searched online but cannot find them.

    • wheelmen says:

      EDIT: Should be standard BMW material… However, I also couldn’t find these exact stripes unfortunately. Only the black/grey M performance decals…
      Will keep looking, because I think I have seen them somewhere

  2. Niklas Block says:

    Have you found where to buy them yet?
    I am looking for myself after them but BMW’s own is black and white.

    Please return to me.

    • wheelmen says:

      Hi Niklas,
      Haven’t found it, so probably it’s not available. Only the black/grey ones unfortunately…
      Thanks for checking our website!

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