Widebody E34 M30 Turbo racecar, that’s the way (uh uh) we like it!

Pics of BMW E34 racecar. This is how projects like these should be done! Custom? Everything! The car has been resprayed in simple BMW Diamantschwarz, unlike an outrageous racecar color.

The car currently has an M30 thats done 200,000 miles, and received a turbocharger. It makes 380hp on the rear wheels (!) and 600nm, with 12 pounds boost.

As can be seen here, everything is custom on this car, suspension arm uniballs, sump etc. I reckon the fact that this is an old engine, and thus may have lost some compression, makes for excellent forced induction. And, if this M30 fails, plenty to replace them with. It will receive a new engine in the future. Will be nice to see how a standard M30 engine copes with these amount of pressure.

The car’s body has been made a lot wider, much in the style of the 1980’s BMW racecars.

A lot of work went into this, as you can see the domes, a typical weak-point of any BMW meant for track use, have been custom made and linked to the rollcage. Also, the intake box is a custom item.


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6 Responses to Widebody E34 M30 Turbo racecar, that’s the way (uh uh) we like it!

  1. Shaun Bailey says:

    Wow! Need more details. What sizre turbo is that?

  2. Sean says:

    I have to know what front bumper did you use? I’ve been imagining something like that for awhile now and it looks so flush on that e34, its perfect!

  3. Sean says:

    Your welcome @wheelmen. Thank you for the response and I will certainly continue to view your ongoing BMW work progress blog posts from California, USA.

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