Alpina E46 B3 3.3 on steelies

Even in Holland it’s becoming common practice to equip your car with winter tires. That’s not how it used to be; everybody was just hopelessly sliding around when the first snow fell.

You can decide for a set of alloys for your winter shoes of course, but why not steelies? Just keep it simple and in the case of an Alpina,get the sleeper look. 16 inchers would even be fine, but due to brake size 17’s are necessary. Here is the B3 with 205/50/17’s all around. Ultimate Q car?

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3 Responses to Alpina E46 B3 3.3 on steelies

  1. munichevo says:

    Hello, Have you seen an e30 M3 with steel rims?

    • wheelmen says:

      Hi Matt, no we haven’t, but will have a look out. Soon we will have one with E38 wheels, but not steel. Nice cars you have in your shop!

      • munichevo says:

        Thank you for your reply. I am working on picking up and e30 M3 with an e36 M3 engine swap, and I think it would look amazing with steelies. Total industrial street weapon. I like your page as well. I shared it on my Munich Evolution Facebook page as well. Thanks again. Matt

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