American roads

We like driving challenging roads, race tracks and the like. But on the other hand there is nothing better than driving on a beautiful straight road, disappearing in the distance. Just soaking up the scenery, listening to some good music and dreamin’ away. The open space, the blue skies, what more can you ask for…

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4 Responses to American roads

  1. beautiful images, gentlemen. i agree— up to a certain point 😉

    • wheelmen says:

      Bear in mind that we are Europeans, and tend to put more interest in things our country lacks. Many Americans we come across in the US seem to be very interested in the typically European stuff thats everyday-normal to us.. However, there’s nothing like the open road for us, and with congested traffic, left-wing hypocrite legislation against anything connected to fun with vehicles, its becoming increasinly difficult to find that here. Hendrik’s great pics sum it all up , the Roads of Opportunity!


  2. soso says:

    best! i love roads, American roads…. once in future i will go to america, to see roads… it’s classic it’s something that you can say…very very i will travel to see roads… it’s become my dream!

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