BMW E30 S62 engine view

Showing some progress on the ‘Widowmaker’ project. M5 S62 V8 engine is approximately in the right location, now time to manufacture the engine mounts/brackets further. This build is taking quite some time since we want to document and draw all the custom parts rather than just improvise a car together. Also, daily driveability and not a ‘warning-light-car’ is what we’re after. Most parts we use are very hard to source, especially the Alpina parts or pristine M-technik parts. We raise the bar quite far on this, many parts have been bought twice or three times and not approved for being less than perfect.  The car to start with is in fantastic condition. Many people may think its a shame to alter an MK1 pre-prefacelift with this conversion, but since the funds spent on parts alone is enough to buy an E60 M5 in Germany, we want to be sure that this car is perfect once finished. Not only performance-wise, but also reliability and serviceability. No shortcuts anywhere, overengineering is key. Building an S62 conversion on 8/10 quality costs half as much as building one 10/10. Since this is once-in-a-lifetime on a timeless classic, we’re up for the latter.

This car is meant to show our potential, and no expense is spared to get the best of the best. So, we’re pretty sure it’s gonna be worth the wait!

The engine fits actually pretty well. Just not much space for oilfilter housing and brake cylinder. Many bad solutions on V8 conversions around for this, we’ll be taking another route… Think out of the box!

We made some modifications to the “chassis”, so the engine can be inserted from below.

The final location will be probably 10-20mm backwards and maybe a few mm down. But already now the hood can be closed.

Next steps are radiator, airbox, air intake, fuel supply and brake system among many other things. As said, we will take it slow, but will show updates when avaiable.

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