Unusual guest in Wheelmen garage… Chevy Camaro

It’s not often that we see some American muscle in our garage. But this weekend we had a surprise visit from the best chevy has to offer (bar corvette): the 45th anniversary Camaro, with top of the line 6.2 liter V8.

After a short test-drive, we can say a few words. What a wonderful powerful engine, rubber torturing torque, a great rumble from the dual exhaust pipes at low revs and an almost screaming V8 at full throttle. No idea about handling, but everything felt very well screwed together. No rattles so far and overall it gave a good quality impression. A nice automatic gearbox with manual override and handy gadgets such as HUD and a rearview camera in the mirror made this a very attractive package.

We really like muscle-cars, but we have to make a comparison with the European competition. Even though the quality felt really good, it can’t match the fit and finish and material choice of any of the German premium brands. But it can’t be like that if you look at the price; 400+ hp and so much car for a little over 35k Euro in the US… Any car like that in Europe will cost at least double, but probably triple or even more. Bang for buck in the US is probably unbeatable and that is always a good thing. And this car is a looker, that’s for sure.

But to have this car on the road in Holland will cost around 100k Euro. And then the step to an M or AMG is suddenly not so big anymore. Therefore this car will be a very rare sight on Dutch roads. But we are happy this one is. Now let’s pray that on our next America trip this car will be waiting for us at the rental station!


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