Alpina B6 3.5s replica returned home

After a long sleepover in Germany, it was last weekend finally time to take my car home. Being wonderfully restored by Ronny Dreizehner, the car is now in excellent condition to enjoy for the coming years. This car is not meant to be a garage queen, but to be driven during many weekends.

Most of the work on the car has been carried out outside our vision; there was quite some rust behind the bumpers and around the front windscreen. Now that is all history and the “uni-schwarz” shines everywhere as never before. It is difficult and a lot of work to keep this black beautiful, but the result always pays off. Non-metallic paint just can be awesome!

Besides the bodywork, the engine had its normal maintenance; valve clearance checking, oil change, etc. The engine was feeling fine already, so not much was needed. Now it runs super-smooth and sounds glorious. It will pick-up from 1,500 rpm without hesitation and pulls strongly to the end. It’s so good not to feel any turbo-lag, the throttle response is simply amazing.

While this car is a replica, not all electrical functions worked properly. But Ronny has taken care of that as well. All lights, indicators and the BC work. And these things matter; everything feels as it should. Just turn the key and drive away.

The 3-spoke Alpina wheel is a joy to look at and feels very nice for its 20 odd years. Now it is connected to a fully aligned front end with the new KW V2 Inox coilever set. Damping is only tried in its standard setting, but it feels great. The whole suspension transformed the car; comfortable enough on highways and some rough roads, but planted in corners, especially highway cloverleaves. And to my surprise, the front doesn’t feel as heavy as I remembered/expected. Still I didn’t have the change to go all the way, while I was carrying another set of wheels/tires in the car; 1 in the trunk and 3 loose on the rear seats.

In the coming weeks I will be putting these wheels on this car; they are “style 5 v2” from the E38. I always thought these looked nice, but don’t know if they will work on the E30 M3. Just think that the extra “rim” on these wheels give it a better, more classic look than the smooth edges on the standard M3 alloys. Saw it on the E30 (non M3) from motoringconbrio and that pulled me over.

Now the car is home in its stable where I will be doing some finishing touches, including the wheel change (trial). So stay tuned for more pics and impressions to come!


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