New wheels and shoes on the B6

This weekend I have replaced the wheels and tires on the E30 B6. I had decided on a set of “style 5 v2, 8jx16 ET23” from the E38 7 series. I just thought they would look better than the standard E30 M3 wheels due to the extra “edge on the rim”. And in my humble opinion, they actually do! I am very happy with the result. Offset is almost the same, just with an extra half inch in width.

When putting the wheels at the front, it didn’t fit directly. There was some slight interference between the hub of the wheel and the inner side of the brake caliper, but a 5mm spacer made it work. Tires are Conti SportContact 2 in the difficult to find size 225/45ZR16. There are still a few other suppliers for those, but I felt Conti’s were the best choice (before Falken’s FK452). Due to starting rain, thunder and lightning, I haven’t driven the car yet with this set-up. The stance is very nice, but maybe a little more offset at the rear would make it even better. I kinda like a “stanced look”, but am not a big fan of spacers in general; normally only when really needed. I will probably give it a go with 10 or 15mm spacers and see if “Stance Works” will approve.

One concern from the drivability front; when taking off the 3 piece BBS wheels, I could clearly notice a weight difference. These style 5’s are definitely heavier. Let’s see how this will affect handling. According to me, the standard 16 wheels for the E30 M3 are 8.22 kg (7.5jx16 ET27) and these ones 8.53 kg. That difference is not so much, so probably all will be ok. But couldn’t find the weight of the BBS’s yet.


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14 Responses to New wheels and shoes on the B6

  1. the car looks fantastic, hendrik! i’m so glad these worked out for you.

    • wheelmen says:

      Thanks Drew, I am really happy with the result! Now can’t wait to drive it. How are your Alpina wheels doing; any new pics?

      • the car is being sold, so the alpinas are off the car i’m afraid (the car is being sold with the e38 style 5s). hopefully, i’ll get to use them again if/when i replace the e30 with an e28 (i am keeping the wheels in storage for now).

  2. Hendrik – I just bought a set of these wheels and am currently getting them re-powder coated. How has everything been so far? Do you still like them? How are the 5mm spacers working out?

    • wheelmen says:

      Hi Jon,
      I still love these wheels, they just look great on the M3 body. And I am also very happy with the Conti’s; these are imo the best possible choice in this particular size. Good mix between comfort and sportiness. The spacers fit perfectly; I have no issue at all. Just wish I had more time to drive more πŸ™‚

  3. Terence says:

    Hi Hendrik,

    i also bought a set of these wheels for my M3, BUT they are not fitting.i also have a slight interference with the brake calliper, but after installing 5m spacers they still do! Last week i replaced the diskbrakes and brakepads, so maybe the callipers are too wide now?? do you have a solution?


    • wheelmen says:

      Hi Terence,
      Do you really have the 8 inch wheels? I think they also have these style wheels in 7 inch… But I can send you pictures how my spacers and brake callipers look like.
      Best regards,

      • Terence says:

        Hi Hendrik,

        thanks for yur quick answer! I checked the wheels and i do have the 7J version ;-(
        i think i sell them and look for another set of rims. By the way, what a unbelievably beautiful Alpina you have πŸ˜‰



      • wheelmen says:

        Hi Terence,
        I already thought that must be the case. I am pretty sure all will be well with the 8×16 version (and 5mm spacers). Would be nice to see some pictures when you’re done…
        Thanks for your comment on my car, I am happy with it as well πŸ™‚
        Take care,

      • Terence says:

        Hi Hendrik,
        aan je kenteken (en naam) te zien ben je ook Nederlander haha. bedankt. Echt een prachtige Alpina. Ik heb inmiddels originele 16″ M3 velgen gevonden in Nogaro Silver. Mijn M3 is rood, dat vind ik een mooie combinatie. zodra ze erop zitten stuur ik een foto/linkje !



  4. Terence says:

    Oh ja, ik ken iemand die een set Alpina velgen heeft waar hij vanaf wil. Als je belangstelling hebt, wil ik wel eens informeren…

  5. Alex says:

    Hi Hendrik,

    I just bought the same rims but 16x8j. do you think i m going to have problem installing them on my E30 m3?

    • wheelmen says:

      Hi Alex,
      I also have the 16x8j around, so it should be ok.
      The only thing I have is that on full lock the tires bump into the chassis. In the Netherlands this is an issue for “APK” (annual technical control).
      The wheels should be able to spin freely at all time. Therefore I have added some spacers/bushes into the steering rack to prevent going full lock.
      Hope this helps you and you will have no problems with the clearance to the calipers.
      Would be nice to see some picks when your are done!

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