Just some Ferrari content…

A few weeks ago we bumped into a Ferrari meet in Holland that was labelled: “Magnum meets Crockett”. As you can guess the focus was on the 80s and therefore the 308, 328 and Testarossa were overly present. But besides that there were as well Daytona’s and 512 BB’s, both not too shabby either. It’s just fun to see these cars together and being used!

Just took a few pics and here you see the 12 cylinder versions. Both the Testarossa and 512 BB have a “flat V12”, not a genuine boxer as many people think. The difference is that on a boxer the opposing pistons have their own, opposite crank pin and on a flat V12 they share the same one (like all V engines). So it is a 180degree V12 engine.

But forget engine talk, they are just too cool to look at and to hear! The 512 BB still with the looks from the 70s, but the Testarossa 100% 80s. Love the fat tires on the Berlinetta Boxer… Couldn’t resist to share.


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