Custom radiator for E30 project

This weekend a very nice package arrived from the UK; my custom made radiator for the E30 S62 project. I just couldn’t wait to open it and I was in for a surprise; it’s even better than my (high) expectations!

It is designed to fit “into” the front end of the E30, instead of behind it. The biggest possible SPAL fan (16″) is fitted to bring some air in case of need. This S62 will have to do without the normal visco-fan.

I really love the craftsmanship of the radiator; you can see it in every detail. And not only the product is great, but the support from Alex, the manufacturing director of Pro Alloy Motorsport Ltd, has been top notch as well. All the way from initial contact until the final delivery, it has been excellent. Due to his support and ideas, I have exactly what I wanted.

Here are some pictures that show the quality and attention to detail:

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7 Responses to Custom radiator for E30 project

  1. Pete mason says:

    Have to agree, used Pro-Alloy for a couple of our projects and the quality of work, and backup support is second to none, such a refreshing change nowadays.

    • wheelmen says:

      It is, isn’t it? What we took for granted before, isn’t the case any more much of the time. But luckily Pro Alloy still delivers top quality with genuine skill and enthusiasm.

  2. Robert says:

    What are those two pins/legs ar the bottom? How does this fan work? Does it turn on automatically by temperature sensor? Or you turn it on yourself with a switch? I see you went for straight blades, but I`ve seen some fans with twisted blades at around 45 degrees – what`s the difference? I`m looking for S50B32 cooling solution for my E30. Thanks, Rob

    • wheelmen says:

      Hi Rob,
      The pins are just for support/mounting. The radiator is resting on a support bracket. The fan is from SPAL. I chose mine based on thickness; I didn’t have more space. If I had more, I would have bought the thicker, with more silent blades. But please check their website; they explain the different blade solutions I believe. Mine is: VA18-AP10/C-41A – 12v 385mm (16 inch) suction fan.
      Best regards,

  3. Francisco Fino says:

    Hi Wheelmen,

    I have done the same as you and ordered the same radiator from pro alloy, but I would like to ask you a few questions.

    Kind regards


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