USA Roadtrip, September 2012 – Part 3 (final)

After returning from the States, I’ve had some time to put the final pics together. This is first of all the route we took during the 2 week trip:

08/09: Philadelphia – Philadelphia
09/09: Philadelphia – Hagerstown, MD
10/09: Hagerstown – Portsmouth, OH
11/09: Portsmouth – Charleston, WV
12/09: Charleston – Bowling Green, KY
13/09: Bowling Green – Chattanooga, TN
14/09: Chattanooga – Pigeon Forge, TN (through the Smokey Mountains)
15/09: Pigeon Forge – Marion, NC
16/09: Marion – Wilmington, NC
17/09: Wilmington – Atlantic Beach, NC
18/09: Atlantic Beach – Virginia Beach, VA
19/09: Virginia Beach – Salisbury, MD
20/09: Salisbury – Wilmington, DE
21/09: Wilmington – Absecon, NJ
22/09: Absecon – Philadelphia

This part of the US might not be the most popular to visit, but it is very much worth it! Each State was just as amazing as the other. In total we travelled through 11 this year. Mountains, country roads, small towns and beaches; we’ve seen it all. Just everything we like about traveling through the States.

Beautiful lakes in Northeast Tennessee:

To the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina:

After the only really rainy day driving through North Carolina, we ended up in Wilmington. Without knowing much about this city, it made a very nice impression and looks like a great place to live in:

There is lots of army activity in North Carolina, here a helicopter doing some flight routines near Jacksonville:

The coastline and area behind it (salt marsh and swamp) is beautiful everywhere:

Back in Maryland with great scenic roads:

Another amazing coastal area in Delaware (Delaware Bay):

Finally coming back to Philadelphia and taking the Flight home to Amsterdam. The Skyline from Philly is actually pretty nice and looks great from the highway:

And just before landing, some shots from the Northsea and the Netherlands from above. The sun came up and there was still some fog hanging over land:

Total trip was a little over 6,000 km. Roughly 100 hours in the car, travelling through 11 States in 14 days. Highlights were everywhere, so I can only recommend to discover this for yourself. But best of all is the total freedom of travelling through the States. No worries and just see what the day will bring with surprises around every corner!


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3 Responses to USA Roadtrip, September 2012 – Part 3 (final)

  1. MJH says:

    Looks like a fun roadtrip! I am glad you enjoyed exploring the eastern US.

  2. Some wonderful photos here. You guys have seen more of the US than I have!

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