1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass

As the world does revolve around BMW, it’s only fair to state that there are other worlds in the galaxy. For instance, American muscle! With all the discussion about ‘green’ cars, it might be nice for Wheelmen to do our part. As for sustainable, how does 41 years of entertaining people sound? Quality of life should also be sustainable. Enjoy the pictures!

Where the BMWs even from the 80’s are the pinnacle of efficient chassis geometry and balanced power, the Olds is pretty much the opposite. Often semi-connaisseurs will do US cars wrong by this given. However, because of the not-so-efficient chassis, this makes the car the perfect cradle for a component no self-respecting gearhead won’t appreciate:

The sound of this single-camshaft iron powerplant breathing through Flowmaster ‘mufflers’ is simply addictive. The pureness of the sound and the brute vibrating force are only rivalled by supercars. In a world where even BMW Motorsport choses to play better engine sounds over the radio speakers, appreciation for honest sounding engines rises.

We appreciate any car that’s rear-wheel-drive and built to a clear vision. When placed in the entourage of 1970’s America, even the most car-hating, tree hugging hypocrite will be intrigued about the way a different landscape spawns different vehicles, to the point where only the fact that the wheels are round complies with European values. When compared to our favourite son, the BMW E30, Musclecars are apples and oranges. However, sometimes one needs a fork, the next time a spoon or a knife. In this case, a big fat shiny butcher’s knife!

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