Garage Love

In a rushed-out city, one can easily become stressed out. However, wrenching on cars or just cleaning up or taken for a spin works like therapy. Fabrication however is the holy grail of mechanical satisfaction. Many people can explain things very well, but very few have the ability to truely fabricate something. This is often illustrated by the numerous engine swaps and turbo projects where people are too lazy to drill out the obsolete mounting brackets in the engine bay or leave all kinds of apertures in the interior of a stripped track-car. Even worse, making ugly ill thought out ‘solutions’ to mount reservoirs and batteries. A good fabricator knows exactly where even the complimenting last 1% of the parts will go once the build is complete.

The engine mounts are also an often underestimated part. These basically take more than 1/2 of the load of engine and gearbox on any BMW. In our case, the V12 engine is heavier than the originally mounted M30B35. Although weight-saving is a constant goal, engine mounts are not the area to sacrifice strength for that matter. We designed the mounts ourselves, CAD drawn and laser cut. They are a tight fit around the drivers side alternator bracket.

The E28 drift chassis is coming along nicely, big radical fabrication is being carried out. A day without using the hacksaw is a day without joy! The idea is to build up the V12 engine bay first, position everything and make it tick, and then take it all out again, finish it, paint it and then do the final installment.

In the meantime, the trusted E30 stands idle waiting for parts. I picked up a new fuel filler hose today, and the new glassfibre front fender is being fabricated. Also, wheel inventory time. There are a lot of 15″ Alpinesque rims and BBS’s laying around, so finding out what’s what and preparation is in dire need. Also, a new sump must be installed as it appears to have been damaged in the run-off zone at Zandvoort. A small but resilient leak is the result. The rear Wilwood will need to be upped a notch when it comes to heat dissipation, a ‘hotter’ compound pad and thin-wall non-sealed pistons should see them through in the future.

For those with the ridiculously wide-screen iMacs 😉

Updates on the long-term projects soon, S62E30, M70E28 and a (new project) E46…

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