M3 on the cover!

Our E30 M3 has been used for a covershoot for the dutch version of “Octane”. Great cover photo, and the others are not too shabby either…

Octane cover BMW E30 M3

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2 Responses to M3 on the cover!

  1. Tristan says:

    Hi Wout,
    compliments for your E30 M3. Pictures made by Luuk turned out very nice. I was lucky to have my E30 M3 photographed with rally hero John Bosch. He’d had some very nice stories about the group A cars in the 80’s. Very nice guy!

    Hopefully your E30 M3 will get the owner it deserves.

    With kind regards,
    Tristan Boorsma

    • wheelmen says:

      Thanks! yours also looks great. Ton wanted a different M3 for the John Bosch article. I too heard the stories of running illegal DTM parts etc, priceless. The car is courtesy of our foundation, which is mainly aimed at keeping vintage BMW’s M and Alpina’s in the right hands. So , if someone understands what they are buying, we are very happy to sell. Otherwise, it seems very happy amongst its ‘friends’

      Foundation Wheelmen

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