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Since a month I am driving around in my new company car. After having many cars in dark colors before, I decided to go for Estoril blue this time.

BMW F31 320dA Touring M Sport 002

It’s a 320dA Touring in M Sport trim; sufficient power and great fuel consumption. After having driven over 8.000 km, I averaged 5,4 liter/100km. The 8speed gearbox is sublime and the interior with alcantara sportseats feels great. I love all the options in iDrive as well. The big screen has nice graphics and is fast enough (could be faster has to be said). But inside I like the M Sport details the most; the blue stripe over the dash, the small 3 spoke M steering wheel, the seats, M footrest and the black rooftrim set it apart.

With the standard 18 inch wheels and M Sport suspension the ride is wonderful. A great compromise between hard and comfort. Not rock hard like some competitors, just sporty as it should be. If I have to think about any weak point, it must be the steering. The feel is still quite ok, but could be better at the straight ahead position. I definitely believe the older hydraulic racks have more feel and give more natural feedback.

Everything else is as expected. High marks on most points and excellent ones on the rest. You simple can’t go wrong with the new 3-series!

BMW F31 320dA Touring M Sport 003

The biggest surprise however is how much I like the color. Never thought I would choose this one, but it’s simply wonderful in my opinion. The high gloss black trim makes it stand out even more. And the front with xenon lights gives it a very aggressive look; just what we like at Wheelmen…

BMW F31 320dA Touring M Sport 004


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One Response to New daily

  1. Radu says:

    Nice to meet you. Looks good, I currently drive an 520d, after petrol I can say diesel are more economic. Dreaming about M50D 🙂

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