BMW 320i Restauration

We have a very nice 320i from 1984, but it had some problems. The gearbox would jump out of gear, the camshaft was bad and the airco was not working. But it had potential:
– Recaro sport seats
– Airconditioning
– Smooth M20B20 engine
– Standard looking in Alpinweiss

Therefore I decided to give it a try and restore it to working order. Key was that all should work and it would be a nice daily (weekend) driver with no fuss.

Here it is when I started:

Around 85,000 km on the odometer:

Under the bonnet it didn’t look so good, dirty and not working as it should:

The head was taken out and refurbished with a new camshaft, seals and new valves by Marcel Bol from Boltuning:

The gearbox was given a revision and looked as new:

Shifter mechanism with new washers, rubbers to remove play:

No new clutch was needed, so I only installed a new release bearing (and clutch slave cylinder) and cleaned it up a bit:

New waterpump and belt tensioner:

The head with all valves adjusted to the correct clearance:

Cleaned the head cover (not polished, wanted to keep the normal look):

All covers and brackets cleaned:

Intake manifold as well:

New oil return pipe:

New rotor and distributor cap:

Alternator cleaned and new brushes in the regulator:

New ground cable looking good:

All put together it looks like this (including new air filter, some new hoses, cleaned radiator and new battery):

Next was the driveshaft with new bearings and new hardy disk:

As I had some Weitec springs left, I also updated the suspension with new springs (front and rear, about 35/35) and Koni dampers:

With the new set-up it sits like this, little bit lower but basically standard:

Running smooth again!!!

Interior shot with the Recaro seats (Anthracite 0150 cloth, checkered):

Finally I repaired the airconditioning. I bought a new filter (receiver drier) and had the compressor restored:

Compressor installed with new fan belt:

The new filter has only 1 location for a pressure cut-out switch:

So 2 don’t fit here…

I had to find a 2-in-1 high- and low-pressure cut-out switch. After some searching I found this one:

Last but not least, the resistor for the electrical fan failed. In the USA I found a new one:

The system was checked for leaks and refilled by Philippe Marx from Marx Auto Airco Service. All looked good, except for the small matter that no cool air came out. Philippe found the issue and replaced the switch under the dash:

Driving home after this fix, I could see this blue light for the first time:

Last job was replacing the door stopper on the driver side:

And finally to give the car back its original look, I replaced the painted front spoiler with a standard black one:

If you have any questions or remarks, please send me a message. I am always open for suggestions or any new thoughts!


Parts used:
Dampers FRONT: Koni 86 2268 SPD1
Dampers REAR: Koni 80 2522 SP1
Springset: Weitec BM035VA/BM035HA
Top Mounts FRONT: Lemförder 10573 01
Top Mounts REAR: Lemförder 10669 01
High/Low Pressure Wwitch: NRF 00038902
Connector/wire: BMW PN# 61 13 0 007 442
Aux Fan Resistor: BOSCH PN# 3 134 503 020
Door stopper: BMW PN# 41 51 1 884 163
Gearbox Oil: Kroon Oil GL-4 80W
Engine Oil: Castrol Magnatec 10W-40
Brake Fluid: Ate SL-DOT4
Clutch Release Bearing: SACHS PN# 3151 231 031
Rotor: BERU PN# EVL115
Distributor Cap: BERU PN# VK290P
Spark Plugs: BERU Ultra X Titan UXT2 (PN# 0002335607)
Ignition Coil: BERU ZS122
Waterpump: HEPU P457
Belt and Tensioner Set: ContiTech Multi-V Belt Kit (PN# 30964463)
Alternator Mount Kit: Superflex SF094-0596K
Driveshaft Centre Support with bearing: FEBI PN# 07108
Driveshaft Centering Sleeve: Lemförder PN# 27196 01
Hardy Disk: FEBI PN# 02562

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