About us

Can Chuck Norris count to infinity?
Do Africans spend 98% of their income on food?
Do we like roaring engines?

Yes, yes, yes!

We like the smell of gasoline in the morning. And burned rubber in the evening.
Six, eight or twelve with an occasional four is what we prefer.
We like the heritage more than the future (call us conservative and we agree).
We are environmentalist in a proven way.
We don’t throw good stuff away and buy new crap instead.

Rear wheel drive, with a bavarian heart is top on our list.
But there is place in our heart for every honest car.

We are rigid, but not stupid.
We are Wheelmen.



27 Responses to About us

  1. casey williams says:

    Great website.I am in Houston Texas and I collect e30 bmws.I have an original 1991 m3,a 1988 2.5 liter stroker and a 1991 318is/m60 4 liter v8 conversion.Are you in Germany?Cheers,Casey Williams

    • wheelmen says:

      Thanks for your comment! Nice collection you got there 🙂
      Any more info about your M60 conversion?
      We are in the Netherlands, but go regularly to Germany. Lots of nice e30’s over there. Take care,

      • casey williams says:

        Thanks Hendrik.Sorry not to reply sooner.The car was built by AKG in Zion Illinois,USA.I bought it from the next owner,who put a coilover suspension from Ground Control Suspension in California.Google “BMW 340i”I think it shows pictures.(white with e36 m3 wheels).Thanks,Casey

  2. Rémy-Josquin Carré says:

    Beste Wheelmen,
    Naar aanleiding van een telefoongesprek met Hendrik de vraag of inderdaad een artikel in het ‘bmw car magazine’ is gekomen/komt van deze maand. Wanneer ik onderstaande website raadpleeg vind ik er namelijk niks over?

    Groet uit het Zuiden,

    • wheelmen says:

      He Remy,

      blijkbaar is alleen het artikel “WIYG” (Ronny Dreizehner) in deze uitgave. Het artikel over de C2 is verschoven naar volgende maand. Maar daar hebben wij natuurlijk geen invloed op. Hoop er wel op! Dan kan je het zeker zien op de genoemde link.



    • wheelmen says:


      Er is in november 2011 een groot artikel over de collectie verschenen, nu verschijnen er steeds losse items over individuele auto’s.

  3. casey williams says:

    Thank you. Sorry to not reply sooner. The 318is/m60 was built by AKG in Zion Illinois, USA. Their website shows some construction photos. The second owner had a coilover suspension designed by Ground Control Suspension in California. It has all parts from other bmws: e36 m3 front suspension, M coupe rear trailing arms and half shafts 5 bolt hubs with e36 m3 “motorsport” wheels, 540i brakes, 540i 5 speed, etc. etc. (if you enter “340i”in google, it should show a picture) However, your project is fantastic! A true supercar. The cars that you all are interested in are the best. Regards, Casey Williams

    • wheelmen says:


      I had contact with AKG a couple of times in the past years. They are pioneers on many engine conversions.

      The most important thing about the S62 and Alpina M70 project for us is to make it repeatable, so all the custom parts are CAD-drawn and real solutions found. In the past we often made cars ”on the go’ because of the time schedule which meant that measurements and materials were simply made and bought on the spot without documenting it. We’re always short on time, so this project takes twice as much time because we take zero risks on fabrication, use aircraft-quality parts etc and make all the little and big parts such as radiators, exhaust manifolds, engine management etc custom.

      The car will basically look exactly like a B6 3.5, and have E39 M5 reliability and will be very easy to service.

  4. Derk says:

    He mannen, Mooie site! Ziet er goed uit en leuk om te lezen!
    Groeten, Derk-Jan v.W. 🙂

  5. Pieter Vermeulen says:

    Erg leuke site over een geweldige auto, enthousiaste en informatieve verhalen! Loods waar ik graag eens een uurtje rond zou struinen!
    Groeten, Pieter.

  6. Bas says:


    Like your cars, like your style, like your site. Erg mooi wat jullie met die BMW’s doen.



  7. Hans says:

    Doen jullie ook aan verhuren van e30 m3?
    Zou u contact met mij op willen nemen ?

    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Hans Horst

  8. S. DeS says:

    Hi there, love your site and couldn’t agree more about the heritage being superior to the future, particularly in Bavaria. You fellas aren’t the same Dutch group that were called the “A Team” in a issue of Total BMW from many moons ago, are you?

    Viele Grüße aus München.
    BMW Sammler.

    • wheelmen says:

      No I guess that’s not us. Believe it was nov issue (BMW Car Magazine, not Total BMW). Thanks for the credits. In this day and age cars are not the mainstream interest which makes us try even harder.

      • S. DeS says:

        Hi, Sorry I think my memory was slightly off when I noted Total BMW. Some of the cars and a photo of one of the gentleman on the site made me think again that I must have seen more about you fellas in a magazine.. I was certain because I was so impressed with the passion that I showed it to a fellow BMW enthusiast friend of mine. Was it an issue of Retro Cars in which you guys were the featured “Lockup” ? Hopefully I’m not just going crazy lol, but I recall the grey E34 M5 on schnitzer wheels and a few of the E30s. I myself am an E30 fanatic (among all other older BMWs) and remember thinking I would love to drive my E30 ACS S3 to Holland to meet you guys. This was a while ago as I haven’t bought a retro cars in some time due to the lack of BMW content.
        In any case, glad to have found the site and thanks for providing such photos of many special cars.

      • wheelmen says:


        you’re always welcome. Im not familiar with ‘Retro Cars’, is it a UK mag?

  9. Radu says:

    Nice blog, I am a fan of BMW’s as well and I recently started a blog on BMWs (www.bmwon.com) Will be happy to meet you. Btw did you sold the E38IL? I would like to post a story about it on my blog.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • wheelmen says:

      Hi Radu,
      Thanks for your message. We haven’t been very active lately due to work, but I hope we will catch up soon again. The E38 is still for sale. You can always use some of the info on our blog.
      Best regards,

  10. Hi all , just sent you a email but it came back 😦
    Love your collection of cars and wanted to ask if it is possible to see especially the stunning e30 Alpina B6 2,8 by myself some day…Own two e30 and love those cars 🙂
    Best regards

    • wheelmen says:

      Hi Achim,
      The B6 2.8 is from a friend of ours, so I can’t speak for him. Aber wenn Sie in die nahe sind, konnen Sie immer anrufen. Haben Sie einige Bilder von Ihre E30’s?
      Viele Gruesse,

      • Hi ,
        in case German is possible too , no Problem 🙂
        Ich habe viele bilder meiner zwei e30,ich fotografiere auch professionell 🙂
        You will like both of them,first is BMW 325i M-Tech II from 1989 two doors delphingraumetallic with Alpina rims and stripes,second bought in Switzerland last year is a original Alpina e30 B6 3,5 two doors in White with complete reworked engine at Alpina-used the very last Pistons,cam shafts,connectin rods and provides now 278 hp at 98 octane 🙂
        The “129”,before last built prefacelift in 1986,you will love it 🙂
        But to where I can send emails?
        Would be great to see some of your stunners,your side is marvellous!!!

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